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Our building

Allai High school is one of the girl's school in Ningarhar province of Afghanistan. Basically our school has two buildings one is the old and the other is new.

Old building

Our old building is made by government on 1971. The old one has 19 classes which two of them are offices the first story has 10 classes and the second story has 9 classes and one hall

During the winter 2001-2002 after the serious damage during the Taliban-regime the Allaei high school was reconstructed and furnished by the German N.G.O (German Aid For Afghan children). On March first 2002 the president of the "German Aid for Afghan children" Dr Reinhard Eroes was honored to reopen the school in the presence of the honorable governor Haji Abdul Qadir and the director of education Haji Abdul Ghanee Hidayat.


We also have a library which has been donated by GAAC in the year 2004 and it is located in the old building.

All the students of this school have the possibility to study more than 600 books in four languages: German, English, Pashto and Dari.

Computer class

We have a computer class with 10 Computers. Here the students learn windows and Ms office programs. Twenty students are studying in each of the three classes.

New building

In the year 2003 German Aid for Afghan Children in Jalalabad constructed the new building. This building has 12 classes and one office.



Our school also has small canteen where the students can buy everything .





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Old Building


New Building