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Who was Allaei?

Allaei is the name of lady. She belongs to a noble family of this province by the name of Peer Rokhan and she was daughter of Jalalodin and grand daughter of Bayazeed Rokhan. She was a brave scholar.

She participated in war against Mughuls and then she was taken by Indians to India and according to her will death body brought to this province when she died.

How and when came to existance?

This came to existance on the time of Mr.Faroq Usman was governor of this province and that was need of the time that there should be a school for the girls in secondary level .1956 1st January this school came to existance. But unfortunately there was not any building just they started their work at the rental house . The first principle was Miss Sayra Jan .1969 this school graduated 13 students.

It was known as Rana high school for girls many years ago. By the passing time its name changed to Allaei high school for girls and up to this time it is existing by this name.


Now this is the top or number 1 school of province.

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