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Allaei High School

Importance of school

As school is the basic steps of getting knowledge which brings the bright future for a country.
Education is the important part of every one’s life, so this school provides a really good environment of getting education and being with the society. School is the first step for a child to inter to her/his society.
Why there should be schools for girls:

As women has the equal right as a man in community as well  she is mother of society. When girls of a country are educated, the future women of that country are educated and can take apart in society beside men in order to solve the problem of their family and community.
As above mentioned important points of school for girls, we can find out below information about this girls school:

Name and location: Alaee high school – Jalalabad east of Afghanistan.

Established year: this school is made by the first time by government in 1971.

Administration staff: Principle, Assistance of principle, head master teachers, students, and workers.

Classes: 31 classes of students from class one up to class twelve totally the number of students is about (3220).

Teachers: 99 teachers in different degree are busy in teaching different subjects.
Special classes: Holy Quran class is provided by school, Computer class which is funded by Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, English classes supported by AGAF (N.G.O)

The regulation law of Allai high School

a) Uniform: The are 3 special uniform for teachers, students and guard.
b) Educational year: Its duration is 9 months which is started in September and finish in may.
c) Time, shift and no of periods- There are 2 shifts of student’s morning and afternoon.
d) Morning for higher classes started from 7:30Am to 12:10pm
e) There are 6 period of lesson and after 3 period there is a break for
f) 15 minutes.
g) _after noon for the lower classes started from 12:30
h) To 3:30 4 period.
i) Method of lesson: lesson plane for teachers, students center using material, discussion, working in group
j) test examination _There are 3 tests after each 3 months and there is a final test at the end of each year.
j) Comity: - there are different kinds of comities.
k) Social comity: made of group of teachers responsible to contact with the parents of students.
l) Literature comity: responsible for provide literature subjects and association for the special days like world women day etc…….
m) hygiene – responsible for the hygiene of students and school
n) Meeting and association: - There are 3 kinds of association n Allaei High school:
o) Among staff of the school: to talk about the problem of school, exams and etc…
p) Among students and guests: About the special subject, the students present their idea as well the students prepare some charts for special subject.
q) Session and work shop: Provided from government or some other organizations/NGOs for teachers and students about different affairs such as: method of lesson, human rights ,hygiene and etc..


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